Saturday, July 21, 2012


Everyone today is fussing over the Supreme Court decision handed down by Chief Justice Roberts. I think the general public and the news media is miss-understanding what the Chief Justice was saying and I love what he said and the way he said it.

All along Congress and the President have stated Obama-Care was not a tax. They sold it to the American public as a mandate under the commerce clause.

During this whole administration Obama has been demeaning the Supreme Court. He has chastised them and shook his finger at them. For the last year democrats and Obama have stated and re-stated how corrupt the Court and its conservative majority is. They have made a big deal for several months about how they knew because the Court was politically bias, they would shoot down Obama–Care. They believed and stated the decision would be ‘no’ to Obama-Care not because the commerce clause mandate was invalid, but because the majority of the court is made up of ‘corrupt conservatives’.

What I liked today was that while delivering this opinion, Chief Justice Roberts gave the President a chance to admit he made a mistake and get out of a potential political problem. Yet it was clear by the twinkle in his eyes he knew the President was not the kind of man to ever admit he was wrong.

What Chief Justice Roberts said was very simple:

1) The Obama-Care Health bill is not valid IF it is a mandate under the commerce clause.

2) It is only valid IF it is a tax.

The Chief Justice then tossed the law back to the President and the voting congress to finally say what it was.

1) If they said a mandate, the whole law was out.

2) If they said it was a tax, the law stands except for the State issue resolved separately.

Today without pausing the President and what is left of the congress who voted it in clung to Obama-Care gleefully and pronounce it as being a law. In this they’re admitting it is a tax and that they lied to the American public when it was passed.

The nice thing about this is the Chief Justice didn’t have to directly do anything. He sustained the validity of the Supreme Court (how can it be corrupt when such an important decision fell on the democratic side). We have all kinds of gifts waiting for us within this badly written legislation and now it is front and center in the evaluation of this presidency and it is on the table for all to see and remember when we vote. On top of that it was the President choice, because now the American public knows what he will do to get his way.

It is clear that the president and his followers have imposed a large tax on all of the American public. Thank you Chief Justice Roberts, for the gift you gave the American people this morning. It was wonderful. Thank you.